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Funded Climbing

Fitness, nature-inspired wellbeing, confidence & self-esteem...all fully-funded for our community!

  • 1 h
  • (SE) Queen's Park Glasgow (RTC-SE)

Important Info

Our free climbing sessions promote physical fitness, nature-inspired well-being, and through the achievement of a challenging activity, supported by our experienced instructors, our climbers are able to develop confidence & self-esteem! AFTER BOOKING YOUR TIMESLOT SPACE YOU MUST: 1. Sign the online WAIVER ('Risk Acknowledgement & Safety Info' form) for yourself or anyone in your care (group leaders & support staff may sign on behalf of their clients if they are under 18) 2. Arrive 10 MINUTES BEFORE the start of your session 3. Wear long trousers, long sleeves, weather-appropriate outwear, & footwear suitable for the woods 4. TIE LONG HAIR BACK & remove jewellery such as necklaces or large earrings 5. Take care not to trip on roots & stumps on the way to your tree 6. Take care not to tread in dog mess (as it is a health hazard to use the ropes with it on your shoes) 7. Ensure you are prepared to LISTEN CAREFULLY & FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS It is highly recommended you bring a water bottle – climbing is thirsty work! If you have any kind of gloves, even winter woollen ones, you can bring them to protect against blisters. Lots of people don't use them though, so they're not essential. We are looking forward to seeing you at the trees!

Contact Details

  • Queen's Park, Langside Road, Glasgow, UK


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