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Tree Climbing


Social Enterprise

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strengthen resilience




Having fun is a huge part of what we do….

but it’s not the only aim!

Treetop Rocks is a social enterprise set up to support people in Glasgow who are experiencing disadvantages & challenges that hinder them in reaching their full potential.

We do this by providing 

subsidised Recreational Tree Climbing (known as RTC)

for children & adults

facing complex intersectional challenges 

including (& not limited to):

  • poverty & deprivation

  • additional support needs & disabilities

  • refugee or asylum status & challenges around integration 

  • poor educational engagement

  • care experience

  • depression, isolation & mental health challenges

  • homelessness or vulnerably housed status

  • addiction recovery

  • domestic violence

  • trauma & PTSD


Our new project in 2024 offers 

free tree climbing sessions 


eligible children & adults 

generously funded by 

The National Lottery

Community Fund 

We welcome applications from community groups, statutory organisations, community leaders & self-referring individuals who are experiencing challenges & disadvantages that impede access to wellbeing activities.

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How does RTC help?

 RTC's benefits partly come from being active in nature. Time spent in beautiful outdoor environments  - forests, parks, country estates - has been indicated to help alleviate depression & anxiety


Climbing with others on the same tree results in a social experience. 
Participants develop problem-solving skills in tandem with others and encourage their peers.

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RTC can be tailored to provide as little or as much support as needed.

The techniques require climbers to learn new skills and it constitutes a challenging activity.